December 05, 2008


It was supposed to be a normal day for me,no walking,no nothing but after a lunch with my Japanese friend,Mayu chan at Chiba,I decided to stoll around to enjoy looking at beautiful things there,do a little window shopping,and! when i looked at jeweled cuffs and rhinestone brooches,it puts me in a shopping mood.well the moment i have been waiting and here finally it shopping mood is back in actiooonnnn!!wohooo~~~so,how many things did i shop today?the answer for this question is..

oversized flower hair accessories

purple flower ponytail holder

stone stretch bracelet

black flower ponytail holder

Pearl shimmer earrings

gold ribbon with diamonds

hair accessories

green shinning stars hair accessories

pink and gold headbands


hair accessories

rabbit and butterfly rings

unique earrings

green-blue round bangle

simplicity round earrings
pearl drop earrings

red strawberry stud earrings
silver necklace

blue diamond and green flower pins


dainty earrings

urmm,even though there are many pretty outfits,bags, and nice shoes which I really wish to buy,but luckily I am still can control my purse well.I just bought season,new accessories.!“..clap clap clap..,” Anyway it is a good deal and a good price so it's worth it. :p
[voice]: I hope you all have a nice weekend and......SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA!!

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