February 12, 2009

..::Sharing is Caring?*smile*::..

not updating for.. a few days,
I feel like updating!!!
Yea, suddenly.
Don't ask me why x_x
love to write about a piece of music im really like.
It meant a lot to me
I dont wanna upload it onto my site in the first place
its a very personal and private song to me.
I can re-played it again and again for hours
still, love it.
Every time I listens to it,

all thoughts will rushed in,
filling and swirling every single space in my brain.
So many great ideas and memories just keep popping up,.
This music can smoother me,

give me strength to continue with life when things get too hard,
give me inspiration..
caused me to think,
make me allow to be a better person..
i dont knoe if it will caused any impact on you
u listen to this music in any way,
but amazingly,
it did on me.
I hope any one of you out there will enjoy this music as much as i do..:)

[voice]: currently listning to,,,,dot dot dot! =D>

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