October 19, 2011


look at my new blogskin!!!
not new actually.just change the background
and colour thingy..I browsed through almost the entire
blogskins.com and was extremely disappointed..
Not that there weren't any nice ones,
just that it wasn't the one I was looking for.

I do love the old blogskin ssooo muchh...YES!SO MUCH!!
because i love the combination of pink and white.
At the same time,I also love the skin to be white-based like the old skin,
I have to say goodbye to it because it did not work in Mozilla..*sigh*


my new blogskin ni didn't turn out to be what I expected it to be..
Whatever it is,
Hope you like it.if not,then too bad!
Well,that's what I want to say.

[voice]: harap semangat untuk hapdet blog pun bertambah seiring dengan blogskin baru ni.just wait n see how it goes :p


anonymous @_@ said...

wiwiwi~ haha

hanani said...

Bahagianye anon :)