January 07, 2009


Hye everyone...!!
can you believe that 2009 is already here!where does time go,huh?

Everyone will be facing a new chapter
in their lives like setting resolutions
for new year and determining to do better in studies,career,love life or whatsoever.
No matter in which way because
everyones's life is different.what about me?.. well,

  • i manage to have a new vision
  • i manage to forget the past

  • i manage to get my feet on the ground

  • i manage to build a new life and open a new chapter
  • n bla bla bla

that sounds pretty good,doesnt it?The great thing about life is that
we get to choose who we want to be and then take steps to become that person.And we get to start over whenever we want,
no matter what mistakes or stumbles lie in the past.past is past.
everyone have mistakes,i guess because
no one is perfect.
and I admit,i've done mistakes in my life
before and I learn from them. :p
The only way through the
darkness and into the light is to pick
myself up and take action.
Great accomplishments take time but are always worth the effort.
The best investment I can make is in myself.I feel good about myself everyday..
I must tell you people that the one thing I always do is pray to God.Allah has given
life to me,He's blessed me with a great family that
I would die for.Sometimes I wonder if I've done enough to repay
the blessings Allah has bestowed me.I've been a person who's sinful beyond words,who
goes against some of the rules He's set.*sigh*
But,through it all,He's been a God who's so merciful,so forgiving
and always be there for me when I couldnt turn to anyone else..*huwaa,fell like crying*
I think i should stop now...-_-'

*got these pictures all over the net
I love accessories and jewelry and if you ask me,hijabis cannot be beaten at accessorising simply because a scarft is in fashion and accessory and so are brooch,under caps,etc.
Here are some of my favourite ways to accessorise,hijab styles.I love their exotic faces,and love the way they rock the hijabs...they are so versatile...

[voice] : lamo doh raso macam nok g turkey n borong tudung ni banyok-banyok...kalo order ikut internet,mahal..iAllah suatu hari nanti..bilalah agaknya ye..teeettt...;p

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