January 31, 2009

..::Eating Time!!::..

Feeling tired,sleepy and cold now!Just finish praying and felt better I guess.Gonna blog about today's dinner.

I am well satisfied today,I didn't have to be stuck in home,cook and eat alone.Thanxz kak G-ha for even suggesting to go to eat sushi in the first place.We decided to go to Kappa Sushi.I don't always get to Kappa Sushi,due to time constraint,reports,and laziness,but since I am almost done,its time to go and enjoy!!!(tambah2 bila dah ade Mr Aria kan.lagi senang nk keluar.10-Q kepada tuan empunya*smile*)

It was a nice time together,laughing,eating,and more laughing.shangat seronox!
And the sushi plak were rolled fresh as you ordered.owh,shangat YUMMY you knoe!!!

so,here's what I had...

before tu,kite order dlu..;p

ebi,cooked shrimp-2 plates

ebi,cooked shrimp with mayonis?-2 plates

unagi,freshwater eel-1 plate

nantoka sakana...*forgot the name*-1 plate

chocolate cake-1 plate

macha pudding-1 plate

chesse cake-1 plate

melon-1 plate


the green tea..(yang ni boley minum sampai pecah perut.free of charge!)

The happy face!!

Kappa Sushi is the best ever!!For 1416 yen,I was able to eat amazing sushi and deserts until I couldn't walk.=D

[voice]: oyasumik!!


zinnia-lyana said...

the 'nantoka sakana' is maguro. kan? hehe

ha bleh pon komen kt entry. hehe

hanani said...

maguro eh...?lupalah..ingt nantoka age je...haha.

aahlah!br boley komen.*jumping*
dulu jakun lagi bab html ni.tak tahu nak tarok bhgian komen kt mn..*blushing*

syahidulikhlas said...

bile balik msai nnt bleh la msk untuk ai jgk kn..

hanani said...

opps!sorry syahidulikhlas!i dont even know who you are.cmne nak masakkan?!!!well!thank you!