November 28, 2010


Eat these for healthy hair
Maintaining thick glossy tresses can be hard,especially as the environment exposes them to so much,the hair dryers and straighteners we use,and of course the colour that we add to it.All of these can cause dry damages and brittle hair that's has lost its shine.However,just like diet affects your body,it also affect your hair,so make sure you eat these foods to keep your crowning glory health.

Oily fish - essential in maintaining in healthy scalp
Olive oil - gives hair a healthy shine
Eggs - the protein is essential for healthy hair.They help to make hair stronger so less breakages
Sweet potato - promotes growth
Bananas - containong vitamin B6 which is good for hair growth
Oranges - vitamin C helps with the development of collagen,essential for strong hair
Green vegetables - helps the body to create sebum,a natural conditioner secreted by hair follicles
Beef - promotes thickness and growth due to its iron content.Low levels cause hair loss
Flaxseed - Research found that lignans in flaxseed help to slow the rate of hair loss
Water - Helps to carry the relevant nutrients and vitamins to the hair and will also keep in hydrated

[voice ] : source : msn - life & style

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