November 28, 2010

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What men are looking for in a women

A lot of women assume they know what it is men want from a relationship,but invariably they get it wrong.They say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus,and like women, men have needs and expectations when it comes to finding love,so here are the tips to help women when it comes to figuring out what men want from a relationship.


Men look for women that are fun, with a sense of humor whom they can have a laugh with. Being able to share hobbies and things you both enjoy will help to bring you closer together as a couple. It shows that you have a playful side and being able to laugh at yourself shows your down to Earth and don't take things too seriously.


It goes without saying that men and women want trust from a realtionship and withouyt it a relationship is doomed. Trusted is something that is built over time and a man is likely to work a lot harder at a realtionship when they know that the trust is there.

Despite many women feeling that men have issues with actually want to build a home with partner. They want someone who can provide a loving and caring environment for their children to grow up in.

Men are looking for someone to be their companion and friend who they can tell their deepest feeling or fears to, and respect them.They want a woman who is able to give their opinion and be strong enough to admit that they may be wrong sometimes.


Just like women,men want someone who is there for them when they need to grumble about work or complain about things.Men are looking for a woman who will be understanding and truly listen to them and who is supportive.

By this we mean they want someone who is confident and secure in themselves,who doesn't need to be attached to their partner 24/7.While their lives are joined together in a relationship,still retain their independence, friends and individuality.


Men are looking for someone they can talk to rather than someone who shouts screams and cries when it comes to arguments.Being able to discuss problems rather than argue with one another is key.

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