October 26, 2008

..:The Spirit Of Travel:..

Here I am,sitting in my own room,at my own desk,with my own laptop and internet connection,inspired me to blog about my experiences of the 3 days 2 nights I've spent in Redang Island,Terengganu.
We arrived at the Merang Jetty on 11.30am(kalau x silap^^).At about 12.30 pm,we were transfered by their speedboat to Laguna Beach Resort. http://www.lagunaredang.com.my/ It was smooth.Along the way,we enjoyed when the speedboat 'membelah ombak' which is very happening.Journey was long indeed,took 1 hr speedboat ride before reaching the resort.

Laguna was well-organised as they conducted briefings to all their guest upon our arrival.The place was very nice with clean,white sandy beaches and the crystal clear water round .The place we stayed was excellent and the meal was great but the most important thing is that we spend 4 hours at Sang suria restaurant to eat EVERYTHING!:)I looked forward the meal time everyday especially for BBQ dinner and my favourite chocolate pudding!(aargh!sedapnye). Besides food,beverage and accommodation,Laguna Resort organized adventures activities for their guests such as snorkelling,scuba-diving,deep sea fishing,jungle trekking,etc.(promote siket!)
After breakfast,we headed to Pulau $4*%&! (da lupa)to watch the marine life @ snorkelling.Lots of fishes,big and small and hard and soft corals were simply beautiful.Half the fun of the travel was the snorkelling with a sea creature called Jelly-fish.:)There will be briefing by their diving instructors before every snorkle,so you will know what to do,and what you will get to see.

Oh! did I mention before that the night life is really amazing.?Not yet?ok then,for the rest of the trip,I will let the pictures tell you the story.All the pictures have their own story n memories.But,i dont snap that much because most of our time are in the water.A special thanks to all who shares their laughter and spirit during this trip,including the two b*a*h b*ys for helping us(jika mereka membaca).

[voice]: The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land;it is at last to set foot on one's own country as a foreign land.~G.K. Chesterton

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