October 28, 2008

..:My Survey For Today:..

Hmm,,lets check it out.

1)2 names you go by::
2.Hana chan

2)When was the last time you do dishes::
50 mins ago

3)Things that happened this week::
I started my not-so-serious studying plan

4)How often do you eat::
Once or twice a day,including snacks and ice-cream

5)What effect does eating a light lunch have on you::
I'd be energised until dinner

6)If you could eat anything,what would it be::
Something light-probably a rice,vegetarian dish or fruits

7)How hungry are you at dinner::
Quite peckish

8)What sort of portion sizes do you have::
Moderate with occasional seconds

9)What effects does eating sweet foods have on you::
I can eat a little and stop

10)How do you feel if lunch is delayed::
A little hungry,moody

11)What's your favourite weather::
Warm.Lower levels of sunlight affect my mood and can cause oversleep *sigh*

12)Why did u answer and post this::
This is just like a warm-up.need to get going with the report now :(

[voice]: I think I need a good balance of foods to feel good and have to focus on a mix meats,fish,vegetables and low-sugar ice-cream.

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