October 24, 2008

..:First Leg Of My Journey:..

Greetings from Japan!
I blog from Chiba,Japan about inspirations for living a small and cozy life.I hope through this blog I can share my happy time with others.I dont believe anything in this life happens coincidentally and I am so grateful for all the experienced that make me the person I am today.What I am finding is by wanting to learn from my experiences and wanting to do as much as I can of every thing worth while and not actually knowing where to start that I am coming to a stand still a little bit.Its tricky to explain! its mainly to do with my study/career options.Okey,I'll stop being mushy now and publish my very first post!

WWHEE!! pink+white= favorite color combo! (:

Happy Blogging to Me!

[voice]: It feels good to feel I'm joining the family blog. (: