November 05, 2008


It's been a while since I've blogged but for a good reason.
I have just been pretty busy with having fun.I've been feeling
really overwhelmed and busy....
A little off.My house is getting disorganized and the days are flying by.
But I love the little reminders that life is more important than that.

Hooray!for the good things around me (:

♥I feel like I had accomplished 'something'
♥I feel like i'm in love with the world and its people
♥I feel like going for a girls' day out
♥I feel like laughing and walking away
♥I feel like a prisoner in my own home sometimes *huuhh*
♥I feel like im lost in this body,trying to get inside my head
♥I feel like there's nothing i can do about 'it'
♥I feel like enjoying a day outing at Pantai Bisikan Bayu with my family
♥I feel like im million miles away :(
♥I feel like i could draw and colour even in my sleep
♥I feel like im able to think more clearly
♥I feel like eating fantastic meal
♥I feel like going to bed

ok!nothing much to write.enough for today! I leave you with these photos.
till then...

[voice] : Take comfort in the fact that tomorrow is a new day

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