November 11, 2008

..::Entry on 11.11.2008::..

Can you see something special about todays date?so, I decided to post an entry on this beautiful date.well,its just a quick sharing on the article I read moment ago.I've extracted some points that I feel like sharing with all of you out there about how to size up your spending habits.(di samping ingin mengingatkan diri sendiri,uhuk,uhuk )

Here we go~~
FIRST THING FIRST Track household expenses so you know exactly where your money is going.Review online bank statements,checkbook ledgers and credit card bills,and record every cash purchase in a notebook for 30 days.Organize everything in one master document.At the top write your monthly salary and any other income.(in my case,scholarship lah kan...wokeh!wokeh!)Then,itemize all living expenses under broad categories like housing,utilities,food and so on.Tally everything and compare the figure to your total earnings.Obviously,income SHOULD exceed expenses,but dont be surprised if it doesnt because the average person spends 10% more than she earns..(lega..*wink*)Even if your income does cover everything,this is a good opportunity to rejigger your spending so you can save more toward a dream vacation,college fund or bigger house.

SHORT-TERM STRATEGY Scrutinize each category to see where you can cut back.Start with a big-ticket item.Next,go over smaller cash outlays.To guide your efforts,create a budget,using the same categories you had on your monthly expense log.Allot specific amounts for necessities,then set reasonable limits for things like entertainment or eating out.Allowing yourself some amount of fun money is the key to not feeling deprived.

LONG-TERM SOLUTION Reevaluate your budget quarterly and adjust spending when necessary.Mark financial reviews on your calendar and try to think of them as an opportunity instead of a chore.This is a chance for you to reevaluate your dreams and stay on track for reaching them.

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