November 13, 2008


7 things about me?
I've been tagged by Miss Suraya Fauzi from Gunma. =p
Actually,there was many more facts about me,
but regarding the tittle I just need to write only 7 facts.

  1. I am a typical gurl.I love shopping!It does cure depression just like chocolate.But due to school and money problem,I haven't been shopping in a long time.I'm hoping to remedy this as soon as I can.Harajuku,wait for me ;)
  2. For me,life as a student is the best.That's where you learn to grow and can get to enjoy life.I get to go to places I've never set foot on before,I get to meet people who spoke languages I've never learned before,I get to enjoy my holiday by visiting islands in Malaysia and other tourist spots,I get to do part time jobs just for fun of it and many other things I get to do with the title of being a student.
  3. I smile a lot ,dont get me wrong.Smiling is my way of dealing with insecureness.I started to focus on my own life,and what I could do is to smile more.I began to enjoy everything that I do.I started to think about life could be,and how much worse life is for some more people around the world.I believe,a smile is the closest thing to,keep smiling!
  4. Yeah!finally,I got a driving license.It is a great thing for me because I do love and enjoy driving especially at night,listening to music and sing my heart out!
  5. I've always thought of myself as someone honest.But if I observed myself as someone else,I would say I beat around the bush a lot and that I hide a lot of things.But I'm pretty direct when it comes to emotions.If I'm happy,you'd probably see me smiling a lot and go round and round chatting people up.
  6. I cant stand cheaters and liers.once you've broken my trust,it's hard to treat you the same.I might not hate or dislike you,but I just can't trust you.I'm quite resilient,as in I won't be angry or sad for people say,forgive and forget ;)
  7. Owwhh!I want to live the adventure in my mind.I've always wanted to live on the beach.How nice it would be to sit out in the lawn chairs and not have to worry about any of those everyday things.Just enjoy the simplicity of life,sheer beauty of nature,and to live off the land as much as possible.Love to just relax and listen to the ocean.will it ever happen?

Now.I'm tagging YOU!YOU!YOU!

anyone will do ;)

[voice]: I can feel my eyelids getting heavy.bye bye!!

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