November 25, 2008

..::autumn walking::..

Tensions are driving me up the wall.Worry not,I'm still surviving. :) I feel sorry for myself that I cannot live with a constant determination to succeed.I knoe my concentration power is extremely low but to be honest I still didn't study going slow.very slow act.somemore mid-term-examination is geting nearer by the moment.
Oh,do pray for me!Thank you! :D

*Had a blast day @ Naritasan on Sunday.
Here are some snapshots of the day.

on the way to Naritasan

the wind was twisting the tree every which way.the sun was bright,the skies blue and there barely a whisper of breeze.What to make of the fact that with it so beautiful.

jumping happily!

temperature was just nice and scenery of red and golden Maple Leaves were superb!

I think probably the highlight of the day,we went to Karaoke and blew out our voice!=p
arrived home at 11 pm.

thank you gurls for the lovely day!next time pulak! ;p
Pesanan penaja:jangan nak upload gmbr tk senonoh kita dlm fb.upload yng chantek2 je.huahua

*Went to Shinagawa Aquarium on Monday.was bitterly dissapointed that it was pouring with rain.the rain was a spoiler but it was fine.

shinagawa aquarium tasted my foot!

my shot.

clockwise: me,kak g-ha,kak yuni,kak nurul.

me,like a sandwich.;p

[voice]: a big thank you for the beauty around me everyday.

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